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The four most popular ways to fill a bath

January 30, 2020

Bath Taps

Deck mounted bath taps are either 1 tap hole or 2 tap hole. The majority of clients normally choose the 2 hole variety with the individual hot and cold taps that mix through the one spout. If you select a mono bath filler, be aware that this usually has to be installed in one of the bath corners rather than directly over the bath waste. This is because if you are using a bath pop up waste or clicker waste, the plumbing for this can mean there is no room for the bath tap pipework.
Reliable 2 hole bath fillers usually start around £100.00 (incl.Vat) with the majority of the leading brands having a wide choice between £150 to £400.00

Aqua Fillers

Over the last ten years aqua fillers have become one of the most popular ways to fill a bath. An Aquafiller is a bath waste with a water spout positioned at the bottom of it. When turned on by either deck valves or a shower mixer, water will pour out of the waste, creating a waterfall effect, into the bath. An aquafiller is usually combined with a hand held shower attachment, either hung on the wall or stylishly retracted into the bath. A built in bath/shower mixer valve is then positioned onto the wall, that allows the user to choose which outlet to operate and control the temperature. For safety reasons, we always specify a thermostatic valve. If there is a separate shower in the room, then we will always use the same valve to keep the consistent look.
Aquafiller prices start from £150.00
Built in Thermostatic Shower Valve to operate from £350.00

Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixers

More and more clients are deciding not to use taps on the bath, preferring the minimalist look of keeping the bath tap free. A cheaper alternative than the use of an aquafiller, is using a thermostatic wall mounted bath shower mixer. These are often exceptional value for money, not just in purchasing price, but also for long term water usage. Just like a shower valve, the temperature will remain constant throughout, so the frustrating procedure of switching between the hot and cold taps to get the temperature just as you like it, will be a thing of the past. The addition of a shower is also useful and the fact that it is thermostatic is critical, particularly if there are small children in the house.
Please be aware that bath shower mixers are for use with high pressure systems, so if you do not have this, then it is strongly recommended to pump the valve to get optimum performance and value for money from your purchase.
Prices start from £240.00 (incl.Vat)

Digital Bath Filling

The digital electronic world has now reached the bathroom! Whilst still in its infancy in terms of household usage, the major bathroom brands have started to launch their digital bath and showering offerings over the last two years.
Amongst many other features, this latest technology allows you to run your bath on the way home from work via your mobile platform or you can carry on cooking the tea in the safe knowledge that the water will stop flowing once it’s reached the height you have pre set it too. Whilst undoubtedly a step too futuristic for many at the moment, expect this way to become the norm for a large number of households over the next 5 to 10 years. It should also result in the price becoming a little less expensive also.
For more information of this latest trend
Prices start from £1,199.00 (incl.Vat)

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