The Process

Choosing a new bathroom is a big decision. That is why we take the time to visit you to discuss your ideas. We take a detailed look at your existing space, offer design suggesting and listen to your ideas. Through this process we can help to create your perfect bathroom.

Nice to meet you

We begin with a free, no obligation bathroom design consultation in the comfort of your own home. Listening to your ideas, I will offer my advice on the best layout and type of products for your  new bathroom. If you have indicated that you would like to take advantage of our bathroom installation service, one of our bathroom installers will also attend.  They will assist in measuring up and discuss the potential layout, ensuring I have not missed any issues that could compromise the design.

Design work and head scratching

Following on from the visit, I will get to work on drawing up the plans and visuals to give you a clear understanding of how the potential room will look.

Product selection x 3

Once I am happy with the bathroom design, I will start selecting the products to include in the quotes. In the majority of cases I will present 3 quotes due to the vast product possibilities and the fluctuation in cost that this can create. This is done on a good, better and best product scenario. 

The presentation

Either in the comfort of your own home or at the showroom*, I will present you with the CAD drawings of your potential new bathroom with all associated costings to achieve that look.
(*In most instances the showroom is the ideal place to have this meeting as you can touch and feel the products featured in the product quotations and make any necessary changes as you see fit)

Tweak & diaries out

With the 3 quotes on the table we will combine the preferred elements of each quote and put it together to create the final product specification. If I have done my job properly this spec along with the installation costs should be within your budget.

Once happy, a date will be agreed upon. This is typically between 3 to 6 weeks from acceptance of the job.

Kettle on

Occasionally the installation team, will start a day or 2 later than the date confirmed on booking. This is because our bathroom installers will never start a new installation before finishing the previous one. Whilst we appreciate this may cause a small inconvenience at the start, this policy does ensure that your room is finished in a timely fashion and without any further delay.

Time for a bathroom makeover?

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