How to create a great family bathroom

January 29, 2020

Creating a family bathroom that suits the whole family can be tough. You want it to be fun and safe for the kids but also relaxing and functional for the adults. So what elements are needed to transform a bathroom into a family friendly space?

Good storage

With usually three of more people using a family bathroom, storage is key. Kids toys, teenager toiletries and adult products all need their space. Storage is important to make sure the bathroom can function for different members of the family. A busy Mum or Dad will find it hard to have a relaxing bath or shower at the end of the day if there are bath toys everywhere! In many of our bathrooms we have utilised recess storage to make the most of the space available. This makes products and toys easy to access but also easy to tidy away. The easy to manage family bathroom we created in Stoke Bishop is a good example of creating recess storage.

Make it easy to clean

A busy family doesn’t have time to spend hours cleaning the bathroom! We use our skills to box in cisterns and pipes if required. This means there are no hard to reach corners that attract dust and dirt.

Think about reorganising the space

Lack of space in a bathroom can be due to a bad layout design. If you are thinking of changing your bathroom this is a good time to re-evaluate how you use the space within your bathroom. This is where a bathroom designer can really add value. We can look at your bathroom with fresh eyes and find a way to make the space work better for your family. When you have young children you need room to be able to bath the children easily, without feeling cramped. In Bishopston we redesigned a bathroom to fill an awkward space and in Westbury we created one bathroom out of a separate toilet and bathroom. Removing the divide between a toilet and bathroom and redesigning the space can create a spacious family bathroom.

Great bathroom products for everyone

A family bathroom needs to function for everyone. Small children will benefit from a high quality bath that is easy for the parents to use at bath time. The adults in the family often want a strong, refreshing shower. Safety is also a factor for families, with soft close hinges and toilet seats essential to make the bathroom a safe space for little ones. We can advise you on the best products to fulfil all these needs.

Choose child friendly but stylish tiles

When a bathroom has so many functions it is hard to choose tiles that appeal to everyone. Tiles are practical in a family bathroom as they are easy to clean but they don’t have to be boring. A splash of colour in a bathroom can appeal to the kids and create a welcoming adult space. The use of Fired Earth tiles in this bathroom in Bishopton shows how great tiles can transform the look of a bathroom.


Want to know more?

If you want to create a bathroom that looks great think about using our managed service. You get to avoid all the hassle and stress of a home improvement project, which is never easy if you already have a busy family life.

You have the highest quality tradespeople working for you and you have the reassurance that after the job is finished, if anything goes wrong you can come to us to resolve any issues.

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